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Aerial Photographic Services

Tell us about the aerial shots you need - We'll find the best photographer
for the job and organise the shoot for you.

You pay the same as if you had found the photographer yourself and dealt direct.

Marlborough College, Wiltshire

If you rarely book aerial photography, but you need to be sure you get the very best results possible, this website is ideal for you.

All other aerial photography company's websites naturally only promote the photography services they provide themselves. They may be professional photographers who provide an excellent service - or part-time photographers with a professional looking website.

You therefore have to judge if their service will be right for you. What we offer is totally different. We overcome this problem by essentially giving you the choice of every type of professional service available, checked out by us and professionally arranged by us.

What do we do?

We provide a unique 'one-stop' service for supplying you with the aerial photographs you want. Whether you need some simple aerial shots of a property, a business premises or even a complex mapping survey of a whole city, we can help you. It is a unique service because no other company does all the research and arrangements to provide you with the highest quality professional photography - all for the same cost as if you had found a photographer yourself and dealt direct. We can do this at no extra cost because all of the photographers we negotiate to use on your behalf give us a small professional discount off their normal fees, whereas they would charge you their normal standard price. The discount we receive becomes our fee and we simply charge you their normal price. Simple and transparent! If you ask us for a quotation, there are no obligations and afterwards you can simply say 'no thanks'.

Who are we?
Sky Eye Aerial Photography Ltd is a small specialist company with over 10 years of experience in organising aerial shoots for clients (commercial and private) who need professional photography at the most cost-effective price. We hold the only UK National Database of Professional Aerial Photography Services. Our decade of experience of taking aerial photographs and our industry knowledge built up over that time allows us to know which photographers have the capability, experience and equipment necessary for your particular needs

01491 873277

07789 871620

50th Anniversary of School - 1500 students!

Why use us?
Because we organise so many shoots, we know the practical issues involved in providing you with exactly what you need. Depending on your requirements and whether you need high perspective or low level shots, oblique or vertical shots,

we help you select the most appropriate aerial method (eg aircraft, helicopter, helium balloon, telescopic mast or remote controlled helicopters and UAVs etc) to get the best results. Aerial photography is very different and more technically demanding than ground photography.

Not only is using the right cameras and lenses absolutely crucial, but many other planning factors are essential to get right too. For instance, getting the height and perspective wrong because you have booked an aircraft instead of a helium balloon or telescopic mast, or not specifying the right time of the day for the shoot and getting the shadows in the wrong place, these factors could produce very disappointing results. Because booking aerial photography is not simple and is time-consuming, clients come back to us time and time again rather than trying to find the right photographer from the hundreds available and making the arrangements themselves. They have worked out it saves them both time and money!

How does it work?
You start by telling us what you would like and when you need the photographs. Following a discussion, we translate your requirements into a written photographic brief which we send to a selected number of photographers on our database - but only those that we know can meet all your needs. We also select only those in the right geographical area to minimise their travel time and costs. When we receive their quotations we check their availability and submit our most competitive written quotation to you for your consideration. When all your questions have been satisfactorily answered you want to go ahead, we send you a simple agreement form to sign, ask for a small deposit and then we organise the shoot to your timescale and requirements.

How do I get more information? Simply give us a call or send an email to let us know what you would like and we'll go from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sky Eye Aerial Photography Ltd. PO Box 10, Goring-on-Thames, Reading, RG8 0EF Tel: 01491 873277. Mob:07789 871620. Fax: 01491 873277. Email: skyeyephoto@aol.com

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